Saturday, August 12, 2006

Taylor Misunderstood

A line in a song from WEST SIDE STORY goes "we ain't no delinquents, just misunderstood." The same could apply to Redskins safety Sean Taylor, according to a story on Michael Smith's lengthy article "Taylor Has Strong Support System" describes Taylor's hitting abilities (big), his troubles (bigger) and his support by his teammates and coaches (the biggest). Linebacker Marcus Washington calls Taylor "Meast," half man, half beast. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams simply calls Taylor the best player he has ever coached. They say that with his talent, and with listening to his coaches, he could do for the safety position what Lawrence Taylor (no relation) did for outside linebacker.

Deep beneath his thuggery, he's a real nice guy. Really, he is.



Ben Folsom said...

By do what LT did, I suppose you mean dominate by natural talent for a decade, squander it all on hookers and coke after retirement (remember when LT tried to smoke a fake rock of coke), finally becoming a parody of himself?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Master4Caster said...

You are too cruel!!! Bit, I'll concede that Taylor is but a small slip away from Maurice Clarett.