Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NFC East By The Numbers: Quarterbacks

Mark Brunell and Drew Bledsoe are too old. Eli Manning is too young. Donovan McNabb suffers Post T.O. Stress Syndrome and has no one to throw to. The consensus of message boards and blogs is that every NFC East quarterback has major issues. However, it was the old guys who made it through last season, while McNabb was out by mid-year. No one to throw to? Without McNabb and Terrell Owens, the Eagles came uncomfortably close to knocking the Redskins out of the playoffs. Eli Manning is at the point where young QBs begin to thrive.

Football is the most team-oriented of organized sports. Teams work to maximize their strengths and minimize weaknesses. The outstanding coaches of the NFC East will work game plans to do exactly that, especially where their quarterbacks are concerned. Bledsoe, Brunell and McNabb are proven. They can get it done. Manning will not hurt his team in 2006. No weak quarterbacks here. Move on, folks.


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