Monday, August 28, 2006

Patriots Replay

With a day to reflect, the summarized the good and the bad of the Redskins-Patriots game.


  1. No turnovers
  2. Jimmy Farris put up good numbers as receiver and may push James Thrash for a roster spot.
  3. Adam Archuleta on special teams
  4. Rocky McIntosh's fumble recovery, and Safety Reed Doughty's forced fumble
  5. Receptions by Buck Ortega, Jesse Lumsden and Stephen Harris


  1. Porous run defense
  2. Special teams shaky
  3. Twelve penalties
  4. Seven sacks

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Gandhi said "you have to be the change you want to see in others." In challenging the players to examine their performance, Coach-In-Chief Joe Gibbs has been taking a look at himself. "So it starts with me. I need to do a good job of analyzing myself and how I can help the football team. We're in a tough situation right now having lost three games the way we did. I need to look at that and say 'How can I help'?" Gibbs is second guessing the amount of game planning (one day) they've done for each opponent. He also said he could have made more decisions on how the team practices, implying that it's been too light. The players need to go through a similar individual assessment, he says.

Rather than point fingers or call out individual players publicly, Gibbs speaks in terms of "all of us together" to solve the team's problems. He adds "I think we have a lot of character on our team, and we are being tested. I think when you go through tests like this, you find out what you are made of."

In calling for the players to be accountable, Gibbs holds himself accountable first, then says he'd rather go through adversity with this group of players and coaches than anyone. Who wouldn't want to play for this man?

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