Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Saunders: We're heading down the right path

With the natives restless, deputy head coach Al Saunders offered reassuring words to the fans about the progress of the team. In a Washington Post article by Howard Bryant, Saunders points out that "The Redskins' offense may appear to be struggling, but it hasn't in the three games used any of the dynamic offensive formations and schemes it uses every day in practice." What you are seeing, even in the Patriots game, is the process Saunders has gone through to establish the new offense. "We've had too much success in this offense, in San Diego, St. Louis, Kansas City over the past 26 years to not be confident of this process."

He asks for fans to chill! You ain't see nothin' yet.

The team asks for patience and they will get it. However, it's not the 0-3 record that has fans almost up in arms, its the trend. The Redskins performance has regressed since the Bengals game. You like to see game by game progress and your first team moving the ball, basic things, you know, like blocking, tackling, running, catching. Saunders says the Redskins practices are geared towards the September 11 home opener against the Vikings. And the preseason games are not.

So, chill!

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Ben Folsom said...

I want to believe him. I really really want to.

Does Brunell have a spaghetti-arm he only uses during preseason? I hope he remembers to dig out his real arm in 12 days.