Sunday, August 27, 2006

Redskins - Patriots: What the @#$%!

What we have here is failure to execute: failure to block; failure to catch; failure to make stops; failure to make field goals; failure to score!

In preseason games, you don't pay attention to the score, because the team doesn't go all out to win. You pay a lot of attention to the performance of individuals and units. You want to see cohesion and productivity. Effective play in preseason gives confidence of effective execution of real game plans when it counts. So what did we see in tonight's 41-0 drubbing by the Patriots?

The defense gave up 465 yards, including 93 rushing yards and two scores by rookie Patrick Cobbs on 13 carries. THIRTEEN CARRIES! Take away Cobbs' carries and the Patriots still gained 90 yards and a score on 25 attempts (3.6 ave.). Tom Brady (17 of 30 passes, 231 yards, 1 TD) dominated the defense who could bring no pressure (no sacks) on him.

The offense failed to execute - anything. The first team produced a paltry 59 total yards offense in the first half. The Skins were held to 150 yards for the game and only 74 yards rushing. The leading rusher? Jason Campbell who scrambled for 26 yards on two attempts. When did we become Atlanta or Philadelphia? It's not good when when our quarterback is the leading rusher. Take away Campbell's rushes and Redskins runners managed 48 yards on 16 attempts (3.0 ave.). You need better production even in preseason against an elite team. Is there any wonder that the Skins conjured up TJ Duckett when Portis was injured? One positive - no interceptions. Seven negatives - the O-line allowed seven sacks.

Why is John Hall still on this team?

The Redskins own web site offered this assessment: "The Redskins will certainly have to develop a rhythm offensively, become more stout on defense and shore up special teams to compete better when the games matter." Truer words were never written.

Both Al Saunders and FB Mike Sellers in a post game comment said that the new offense hasn't been seen in the preseason. Well, here's a math formula: superior game plans + poor performance = losses. Winning performance can't be turned on and off. Even in losses, you see competitive effort from winning teams. The underlying assumption of all the Redskins expectations this season is that the team would pick up from where it left off last December. This team doesn't hold a candle to the Redskins team of December 2005. If anything, they've regressed from preseason week one.

Coach-in-chief Joe Gibbs is a proven motivator and team builder. Even after tonight's game, his comments focused on "all of us together." He will bring out the "we" attitude of the team to work through this. They've got their work cut out.

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