Thursday, June 04, 2009

Michael Vick Still Draws Traffic

A quick check of my traffic count shows that Michael Vick is still a draw.

Fifteen of the last 20 referrals to this site were clicks to the story Why Michael Vick is Worried posted August 14, 2007.

So now Running Redskins is a Michael Vick referral site?

I'll make it easy for you. Here's the link to to Micheal Vick archive on Running Redskins. All of it written in 2007.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Football World is All A-Twitter

These new technologies start out on the fringe as solutions looking for problems. Then they sneak up on you.

Twitter crossed that bar from the province of teen-agers and the empty headed, not necessarily the same people, who post vain and vapid microblogs of their action at a given moment.

Then Michael Lombardi put me straight. The former Oakland Raider front-office executive who now writes for The National Football Post tweets.

Tweeting is the act of posting 140 character entry on Twitter.

When Twitter was new and experimental, folks, like me, posted under a screen name...that whole "names were changed to protect the innocent" thing. But Lombardi tweets under his own name and as a front for The National Football Post.

That's different.

Eyes opened, I began to see that others are on Twitter and posting as their real identities.

Players agent Drew Rosenhaus tweets, as do his Redskin clients Devin Thomas and Rocky McIntosh and others.

Sports Illustrated Peter King tweets.

Local newspapers covering the Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys tweet.

NFL players Larry Fitzgerald, Champ Bailey, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Terrell Owens (25,499 followers), Chris Cooley, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning (sorta) tweet.

Even the NFL tweets.

The media tweets to shill story that links back to the web site where value is created -- and revenue captured.

The players are mostly in the "what are you doing now" mode. Champ Bailey, 11:33 am, May 28: "itsucks when potato chip bags are half full!"

The fact that Twitter has attracted real people who tweet under their real names says there's a sea change for the platform.

Once, you didn't take Twitter seriously. Now, if you don't tweet, you aren't taken seriously.

Jon Jansen's Loss Could Be Fred Davis' Gain

The Washington Redskins said good-bye to veteran tackle Jon Jansen today. Though not surprising, the news still hits with a shock.

Stephon Heyer looks to be the man with Jansen gone. But just last January it was a given that Heyer was not starter material. While we count on Heyer's development as a right tackle, Jim Zorn and Joe Bugel may have something else in mind to boost the line, Fred Davis and the two tight end set.

...more on Bleacher Report

Jason Campbell and the Beastly Quarterbacks

The only certainty about the Washington Redskins' upcoming season is that Daniel Snyder is disenchanted with his quarterback, Jason Campbell.

Campbell finished the 2008 season ranked 19th in passing yards, sandwiched between Carolina’s Jake Delhomme and Jacksonville’s David Garrard.

That was enough to drive Redskin owner Daniel Snyder mad…for Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez, both of whom would have single-handedly overcome late season breakdowns on the offensive line and the slow development of rookie wide receivers. Apparently.

Washington’s maneuvers raise a question. How does Jason Campbell compare to other NFC East quarterbacks at the same point in their development?

...more on Bleacher Report

Shaun Alexander or Marcus Mason

Free-agent RB Shaun Alexander (Redskins) said during a radio interview with KNBR in San Francisco that he would like to return to play for the Washington Redskins this season

...more on Redskins Hog Heaven

I don't know what to call this, wishful thinking or abject denial.

Get Off Daniel Snyder's Back

When you see one of those rankings of NFL organizations, you learn to look from the bottom up for Washington's ranking.

These things always turn into a bash-Daniel Snyder thing.

I understand that Snyder got that reputation the hard way; he earned it. I get that. But it's tiresome to see high name recognition player and big contracts always tied back to Snyder and the Washington Redskins, followed by how it all goes wrong, often before Snyder makes the decision.

...more on Redkins Hog Heaven

The Redskins Have a Ticketing Deal Just for Me

A suspicion is abroad that Washington Redskin season ticket sales face challenges in this most challenging of economic seasons.

More evidence arrived in my email box this morning. Here's the note under the heading Extra Lower Level Season Tickets:

Due to a Redskins Sponsor seat relocation, a unique opportunity exists to purchase in your section, additional Lower Level seats. In addition, inside-the-beltway parking is available with the extra tickets. There are a limited number of seats remaining and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Payment plans are available.

Please call the Redskins Ticket Office at 301-276-6050.

Hmmm. Maybe this means nothing. It makes sense that current season ticket holders would be offered adjacent seats.

Would that offer come before or after the offer to someone on the waiting list?

Put that together with another Redskin ticket offer received May 27 and you wonder.

You are eligible for an upgrade of your lower level end zone seats to the corner of the end zone through the 10 yard line. This upgrade is at no additional cost to you.

I've never received offers like this before, much less two of them within two weeks.

I'm guessing there's an erosion in the season ticket fan base. Whether from the economy or dissatisfaction with the way the team is managed is the $64 question.