Monday, August 28, 2006

Stallworth flies with Eagles is reporting that the team acquired Donte' Stallworth in a trade with the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles gave up a fourth-round draft pick and linebacker Mark Simoneau to seal the deal.

My co-worker Jason, who has carried Stallworth on his fantasy team the past two seasons, is unimpressed. "The Eagles are grasping," he says. "When Joe Horn was out last season, Stallworth had a major opportunity to step up. He did not. He's like Taylor Jacobs with an attitude." He was surprised that the Eagles picked up Stallworth with disgruntled receivers Jerry Porter and Deion Branch available. Even with the upgrade of McNabb as quarterback, Stallworth is no better than a number three receiver on a fantasy roster. On a real roster, Donovan McNabb, preseason 112 QB rating, was said to be delighted by the move.


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