Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bengals Game Impressions

My impressions of the Redskins - Bengals exhibition game:

Clinton Portis - AAAAAAARRGGGGGHHH !!!
Todd Collins - ooooooh - KAAaaay ???
Bengals Defense - I drafted these guys for one of my fantasy leagues. Well alright!
Jason Campbell - big gun and tight spiral; athletically gifted; promoted to #2 tonight
Bengals scrubs - much better than the Redskins scrubs
Marvin Lewis - should have been Redskins head coach with Spurrier the offensive coordinator. Snyder wasn't the only owner to blow this, but he was the one who handed the reins over to a not-ready-for-NFL college coach instead of a successful, proven up-from-the-ranks coordinator (Lewis). Of course, Snyder would not have afforded Lewis the hands-off treatment given to Gibbs. His interference would have slowed development of the team. Gibbs would have become head coach at Atlanta and acquired Mark Brunell, trading Michael Vick to the Jets. But, I digress.
Rocky McIntosh - active; all over the field; good stops; LaVar who?
Derrick Frost - 5 punts, 46.6 yard average, progress.
The Game - Team needs work. Not surprised about the offense. They will need all four weeks to get the Al Saunders' fundamentals right. But the defense didn't dominate as they did last year. For all the noise about the offense, the D is the heart and soul of this team.
Bengals - Good showing at all levels. This shows the importance of coaching continuity.
Clinton Portis - aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! The skins without Portis are a playoff team, but not a Super Bowl team. Joe Bryant at points me to information about Portis' injury, shoulder subluxation.



Ben Folsom said...

Good wrapup of the game. I too agree Lewis should have gotten his chance with the Skins, but alas, were it not for the Spurrier implosion, we never would have had Gibbs back.

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