Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bears lance the Briggs deal

Espn.com and Foxsports.com are reporting that the Chicago Bears are rejecting the Redskins trade offer for LB Lance Briggs. The Redskins offered its first round draft pick for Briggs and Chicago's number one pick during the owner's meetings last week. Reportedly, Da Bears wanted the Skins to throw Rocky McIntosh into the offer for Briggs. The Redskins said earlier that they had already made their best and final offer and made it a "take it or leave it" proposition for Chicago.

If there are only two positive outcomes from this escapade, it would have to be these: the Redskins must see Rocky McIntosh in a new light; and, the Bears let the Redskins off the hook.

The Bears don't have a ready replacement for Briggs. That they see McIntosh in that role, adds lustre to a young player whose team often overlooks the gems on its roster. Talk of bringing Briggs here to displace McIntosh led to a lot of fan grumbling. A trade of Briggs for McIntosh would have led to revolt.

The two teams may still be maneuvering to save the deal, but it appears to be dying a merciful death.

The Redskins have re-signed punter Derrick Frost to a one year contract. Frost struggled with shanked and shallow punts early in his Redskin career. He turned it around by mid-season to be a consistent punter, blasting some of his boots fifty yards or more. He had a 42.9 yard average on the season.

Frost is the feel good story of the team. We watched him work through his struggles and grow into his role. Fans invest in role players like Frost and welcome his place on the roster - as long as he performs. It is not necessary to bring in big name talent to attract fan interest in the Redskins. I think that escapes the front office.

The Redskins will play the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens at home in August preseason games. The exact time and date is to be announced.

Photo: Rocky McIntosh, www.redskins.com

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