Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fletchers Stairway to Success

The Washington Post tells London Fletcher-Baker's inspirational story in today's issue. If you haven't read it yet, follow the link and take a look (Registration required. It's free)

Fletcher's Stairway to Success.

This is a story I'm happy to point to, and better than the Don Imus story I just posted (I feel so dirty).

The NFL will announce the 2007 regular season schedule at 1:00 PM ET, Wednesday, April 10.

The NFL has suspended Titans defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones for the 2007 season, and Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry for eight games. The full story is on NFL News.

I've been bashing the Redskins for their roster selections recently. Allow me to show them some love now. In the 2004 draft, the Redskins chose safety Sean Taylor instead of tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr. Taylor has been good-to-great and the Skins had excellent tight end production from Chris Cooley in 2004 & 05 when Winslow was out. Kellen Jr. did scarf 89 receptions in '06, more than any other tight end.

I wanted to write that the Skins were smart not to take Adam Jones in the 2005 Draft. It turns out that Pacman was selected by the Titans with the sixth pick. The Redskins, with the ninth pick, selected Carlos Rogers. I'm sure the Skins would have picked Rogers even if they had the sixth pick. Or, so I'd like to think.

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