Friday, April 13, 2007

Asante Samuel wants this much

Redskins fans have a more than passing interest in Asante Samuel's negotiations with the Patriots. Yahoo Sports snipped a story from The Boston Globe providing the numbers, and how far apart the two sides are.

"Samuel's representatives were seeking a contract that included about $30 million to be paid out in the first three years of the deal.

"The Patriots were offering a package that averaged around $6 million per season, and although it is not known how much money would be paid out in the first three years, one thing is clear: It wasn't close to the $30 million Samuel was seeking . . . ."

It seems Mr. Samuel is angling for a deal akin to Nate Clements' contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Can't blame the man for trying. The Patriots' offer looks about the same as Denver's deal with Dre' Bly. Can't blame them for trying, either.

Clements signed an eight year $80 Million deal with the 49ers on the first day of free agency. $22 Million was guaranteed. Bly agreed to a five year $33 Million contract extension with the Denver Broncos.

The Redskins did not pursue Clements because of the price tag. In Samuel, they could face the same issue. If Asante wants to take a Dre' Bly-type deal, won't he be inclined to stay with New England? Stay tuned.

I hear every front office in the NFL put up a 49er poster to throw darts at.

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