Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imu(s) Butthead

Guys like Don Imus probably don't have a high opinion of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. So, the thought of a broadcaster having to do penance with those two should be enough to dissuade racially charged comments, on the air no less. It wasn't in Imus' case, so now Imus won't be in the morning for two weeks starting Monday.

With hair like Imus', you'd think he be careful about the term "nappy headed." I'm just saying . . . .

Mayby it's the circles I run in, but the Caucasians I know at least have a vague sense of the racial history of the U.S. and sense the very serious connotations of a white man calling a black woman a whore. Even if meant for humor, there's no redeeming explanation you can give for a statement that offends black and white listeners.

Just to be clear, no matter what you see on those cartoonish hip-hop videos, African-Americans do not like the language or name-calling or negative portrail shown!

There were so many ways Imus could have gone with the Rutgers story. The discipline, dedication and plain hard work it takes to reach a high level of sports achiement, for example. Or, the fact that Rutgers could be America's next college sports factory, given the success of Rutgers' football team. Imus' thoughtless comments must have incensed the entire Rutgers community just as they are basking in the greatest year in their sports history.

Should Imus be fired? Well, he didn't cost the Rutgers' women career opportunities. The memory of their achievement will forever be tainted, however.

Any day now, I expect to read that Imus is suffering addiction to prescription medication and that he's seeking help. Sort of like Rush Limbaugh.

The Rutgers women's basketball team, who Imus maligned with his comments, agreed to meet him to "express the great hurt that he has brought to us." That's why women are in men's lives, to moderate men's impulses. A mens team would have said sure, we agree to meet -- for ten minutes in a back alley.

There I go stereotyping again.

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Mother of children said...

Why then would Imus contact Al Sharpton and arrage to be on air with him for such a lenghty time other than to cause the public to favor him over Sharpton. He has a much bigger audience. Agroup that probably has no regard for Sharpton

Mother of children said...

To further insult women the man actually said he did it because he thought he would be hip in using some vocabulary he picked up from some rap groups. I haven't heard the rap number where the artist went to the school where the young girls played ball and called them hoes.
the rap artist refer to the indefinite females they do not specify them.