Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders announced

The Washington Redskins announced the members of the 2007-08 First Ladies of Football yesterday. You can see the roster at here.

The new squad consists of 23 veterans and 17 rookies, according to the web site.

One of the rookies, Omayra, hails from Thailand. She is a personal trainer. She would have to be in good shape to make the squad at age 34 -- about the time most are retiring. Rookie Klohver is a 22 year old attorney.

Twelve year veteran Courtney is the longest serving First Lady, but Miss Maryland USA, Michae' Holloman (my personal favorite) has moved on to better things. Thus, this post is the last instance where I gratuitously show her bikini pix.

Next, the new team is off to some exotic Caribbean location for the swimsuit calendar shoot. Participation is mandatory. Bummer.

Photo: Michae',


Skin Patrol said...

I'm pretty sure the Cheerleader's Blog said Michae' is going to Law School (or maybe just spending more time being Miss Maryland?).

Good catch that we have an attorney on the team. Interesting that one of the youngest members of the 'Skins cheerleaders is an attorney, whereas the oldest is a Legal Assistant.

Master4Caster said...

I didn't catch that about Michae'. Goof 4 her.

Anonymous said...

I think that Lisa is the one attending law school and that Michae is just doing the Miss Maryland thing or retiring.

Also, I heard this year the squad has 2 alternate cheerleaders, but there is no mention in the article. Do you know who they are?