Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The latest from Warpath

Two items of interest from The Warpath fan forum:

Check out the In The Money cartoon at bangcartoon.com. Clever. Funny.

The Warpath pointed to Jason LaCanfora's Redskins Insider blog entry Front Office Rumblings hinting at a shake-up of the Skins personnel management structure. LaCanfora couldn't confirm the rumors but sensed that something might (emphasis might) be up. In any event, the scouts are worried that The Turk could visit them after the draft. Writes LaCanfora:

"In an organization as top-heavy as this, where glitz and splash have overwhelmed sound thought for so long, could you really blame the scouts of all people? But they are also the first guys to end up taking a bullet when times are tough, hence the worries".

Jason LaCanfora is the Redskins beat writer for The Washington Post.

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