Monday, March 26, 2007

Son of Hoya Paranoia

Now, I'm interested in March Madness again. (My alma mater went down in the second game.) The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team, made up of sons of famous fathers, upset the UNC Tarheels 96-84. The Hoyas are a capable team, so you would call this a mild upset. I am amazed that North Carolina's game went away from them so completely in the end. Not only did they allow Georgetown to tie the game in the last seconds, but UNC failed to score a point in overtime until 7 seconds left.

How 'bout them Hoyas. Wow!
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Geoff_Livingston said...

It's great. I, too, am more thrilled about March Madness than anytime in recent memory. It's a great feeling.

Master4Caster said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comments, Geoff.