Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Archuleta is a Bear

Archuleta is a Bear.
Archuleta isn't here.
Archuleta's a happy fella,
laughing in his Chicago beer.

Archuleta came for money,
which I think is mighty funny,
given that he couldn't cover
any better than his mother.

Take the money, or follow your heart?
Choosing is the hardest part.
Chicago was where he wanted to be,
but he picked the cash and old DC.

In Washington, his bubble burst.
Chi-town's what he wanted first.
Life turns out to be so funny.
Now, he's there with Snyder's money.

There's a moral to this little rhyme,
'though it doesn't happen every time.
The lesson learned is not so hollow.
Choose your heart, the money will follow.

See the story on Hog Heaven.

Photo: Michael Connor, washingtontimes.com

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