Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good Luck, Michae'

Redskins cheerleader Michae' Holloman's big moment is happening as I write this. Michae' was named Miss Maryland USA 2007 last fall and is now competing in the Miss USA Pageant 2007 in Los Angeles. The pageant will be broadcast live on NBC at 9:00 PM ET tomorrow (Friday) night. Ms. Holloman is Master4caster's personal favorite, so I'm emanating all sorts of Karma and good vibes for her success.

I haven't been this excited about a chocolate ingenue since Dominique Dawes. I'm crying fowl and switching channels if Michae' isn't a finalist.

Skin Patrol says Michae' is "JC's" girl friend. Ya, right. How does he know?

It will never last.

Update: Skin posted clarification on his site that "JC" refers to John Coopersmith, a purely fictitious person, and not to any NFL player who might coincidentally have the same initials. So, there; I knew it wouldn't last.

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