Saturday, March 24, 2007

Be like Mike

Why all this fuss about Michael Vick? I think he's a clever fella. Hide your valuable stash of jewelry, watches and earrings in plain sight. And what's clearer and plainer than a water bottle jewelry box? Where can I get one of these neat devices? On eBay, of course.

Seriously, even if you are big and strong and rich, you can get tongue-tied when the authorities question you. I'll give Vick that much as I try to understand his silence, even though his story doesn't hold - - - water.

Speaking of Atlanta quarterbacks, ex-Falcon Matt Schaub is traded to Houston and the Texans immediately do to David Carr what Jacksonville would have done to Mark Brunell, release him.

I was impressed with Carr's performance when the Skins played Houston last season. His issues have more to do with his team than his talent, I suspect. He will land on his feet somewhere and be better for it, unless he lands in Detroit, Arizona or Oakland.

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