Saturday, September 02, 2006

No worries

Here is the preseason performance the coaches say we shouldn’t worry about.

The Redskins didn’t even use vanilla schemes in preseason. If vanilla means a no frills, simplified version of your offense, then the Skins used something akin to high school generic – and barely practiced that before the exhibition games.

When Gregg Williams says don’t worry, well, he’s Gregg Williams. We’ve seen his defense for two seasons. His schemes are familiar with no loss of talent. Rocky McIntosh has a lot of upside.

When new deputy head coach Al Saunders says don’t worry, well …. We have Kansas City tape to go by and Saunders’ reputation earns him the benefit of the doubt. But, we have not seen the Saunders offense carried out by Redskins players. That’s been well hidden. The players to a man are enthusiastic about what’s coming. The fans, so far, have only seen stuffed runs, dropped passes, miscues and scoring impotency. But, I'm not going to believe what I saw. And I'm not going to worry.

Because the coaches said so.

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