Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Redskins-Vikings: Good Game, Bad Ending

If I weren't a Redskins homer, I might have enjoyed the Vikings game more. Both teams moved the ball. Scoring was close and the outcome was in doubt until the last twelve seconds.

The Saunders' offense gave some indications of what it can be. They moved the ball. There were no interceptions. Antwan Randle El was flashy. They just failed to close the deal by settling for field goals instead of touchdowns. Knowing the special team's challenges, we never want to be in the position of depending on a John Hall field goal to win. The offense must fix that scoring problem

Conventional thinking is that the Redskins Super Bowl run will be led by the defense. While the Vikings appear to be better than we thought, the defensive performance was so poor that even redskins.com criticized it. The defense is better than it showed. Minnesota made them look silly.

The Redskins can still go 15-1, I'd settle for 11-5, but only if the defense makes stops.

Kicker Ryan Longwell was a free agent. As best I can tell, the Skins did not bid for him. Someone explain that to me.

Last year, Norv Turner came to FedEx and beat us with a Raiders team going nowhere. This year, it's Brad and Fred. LaVar is coming in October.

It's the curse of The Danny.

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