Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Grab bag

It's Terrell Owens. It's the blogosphere. Apparently, bloggers must fill their sites with TO news as it happens. I am a blogger, therefore ....

Because it's Terrell Owens, everything he does is magnified by a factor of five. He either did or did not try to end his life yesterday. His overdose of pain killers either was or was not an accident. When asked if he tried to end his life, he said "yes," but, he was too groggy to remember. This all makes my head hurt. If you want to latest on Terrell Owens, see The Boys Blog.

A good insurance policy is something you get and never use. That describes TJ Duckett, the Clinton Portis insurance policy. Duckett was inactive for the Houston game and will not play against the Jags. With Portis and Ladell Betts running well, it seems TJ will not get an opportunity to strut his stuff. He's a free agent after this season. The Skins gave up a third round draft choice to get him. It's hard to see the value in the deal for the team, or for the player. I think it's a conspiracy.

A Jaguars scouting report can be found here.

Here's a quote I picked up from NY Giants blog - "I'm no defensive coordinator, but I will say that we need to bench Arrington or blitz him because he is useless in coverage." (Sept. 26, 2006, "Who's responsible for the Giants being crushed by the Seahawks?") LaVar revisits FedEx October 8.

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