Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grab bag.

After being called out by football icon John Madden, beat down as spawn of the devil on message boards and talk radio and subject of "dump Brunell" articles by know-it-all sport columnists, Mark Brunell comments ". . . for me, it's smarter to think about what you have to do to play better." the full story is on

Over at, Dr. Z power ranks the Skins #23 of 32 teams. I rarely agree with his comments about the Redskins, but his comments about the o-line are worth looking at.

Mike Burke at recalls another low scoring Monday Night Football game, a 9-5er in 1978 involving names like Theismann, Allen and Larry Cole.

Advocates for the deaf are suing the Redskins to add closed-captioning to scoreboards and video monitoring. "An attorney for the group said deaf and hard of hearing fans can't hear the referees or enjoy the game on television monitors throughout the stadium." Wha? If I were more insensitive, I would point out that the scoreboards provide video replays only. Why do you need closed captioning if you are at the game? But, I'm not the insensitive type.

The points an accusing finger at the Redskins pass rush.

Families, teams, organizations, nations; when adversity hits, the strong ones pull together and get stronger. The weak ones point fingers and fall apart. Pull together team & fans!

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Anonymous said...

The refs indicate calls via signals easily visible from the stands. Any football fan knows this. I believe the deaf are entitled to accommodations, but if you don't know the signal for a false start, maybe you need to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the sport you're paying to see.