Sunday, September 03, 2006

What ever happened to . . . ?

Redskins players released by the team often leave disgruntled fans who think we should have kept them. Here is the epilogue on some of those players.

Patrick Ramsey was benched by coach-In-Chief Gibbs in game one of 2005. He was traded on the cheap to the New York Jets and expected to challenge for the starting QB role. He struggled in a four way race to even make the team. The Jets have not released their official depth chart, but a report by says Ramsey will play behind Chad Pennington, probably as number two. There are as many questions about Pennington surviving the season as there are about Mark Brunell. Patrick may yet have another shot at the limelight.

The Jets cut former Redskin TE Walter Rasby.

Receiver Darnerien McCants was a good game player, but poor practice player, unlike a notorious, nameless great practice player who was a crappy gamer. McCants found a role as a Ramsey target in the Spurrier experiment, but was quickly dropped by Gibbs & company to the grumbles of some fans. Philadelphia picked him up. For all the Eagles' receiving turmoil last season, Darnerien failed to make a statement. Despite a decent preseason, he was released yesterday.

Nobody misses Rod Gardner. Neither will the Green Bay packers who voted him off the island. Gardner made less of an impact there than he did here.

At last report, LB LaVar Arrington was still on the Giants roster.

Hint to Redskins, the 49ers cut punter Tom Rouen. He's old, but at least take a look.

Within one week, Jeff George was added to and subtracted from the Raiders' roster. What were they thinking?

Robert Royal is listed as the starting tight end for the Buffalo Bills.

Taylor Jacobs is listed as the second string receiver behind Antonio Bryant on the 49er roster.

Former Redskin GM Charlie Casserly and head coach Gary Kubiak bolstered the Texans defensive line by selecting Mario Williams and passing on USC running sensation Reggie Bush. They figured that Domanick Davis could be a dominant running back and that Houston's defense needed much more help. Casserly left the Texans right after the draft. Good thing for him. Events have taken a turn for the worse. Davis is on injured reserve and lost for the entire season. Suddenly, passing on Bush doesn't look so good for the Texan faithful, although building your O and D line through the draft is sound policy. With Houston's notorious offensive line, D'Brickashaw Furguson may have been the better choice anyway. Furguson went to the Jets. There's some mess in Texas. Isn't there always?

For a look at the players released by the Redskins yesterday, look here.


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