Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tony McGee & Salary Cap Hits: Good Stuff from The Warpath Discussion Board Today

Former Redskin Tony McGee's perspective on off season moves:
"Going into the offseason the Redskins have a few needs to address, specifically a second wide receiver and a pass rushing defensive end. I think the Redskins need a wide receiver to compliment Santana Moss, and that should be their top priority. I know one free agent is Reggie Wayne, and while I think he is a great receiver, I just think he is a clone of Santana Moss. I think Washington should go after someone who is different from Santana Moss, and who can be a possession receiver while still breaking the game open. I wouldn't mind seeing a package trade with Patrick Ramsey, and talk with Detroit to try to get one of their receivers because its not working out for them up there. I'm not sold on Charles Rogers, but I think the other two are playmakers. As for a pass rushing defensive end, I was excited about the potential I saw last week from Evans, and I think that Daniels did a sufficient job down the stretch. Still, the Redskins didn't get enough rushers to the quarterback, and it hurt them this season."

Crazy Canuck prepared a spreadsheet showing Redskins salary cap hits for the current roster. It can be found at

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