Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Football Analysts: Enough Already!

After the Redskins - Buccaneers game, the talking heads on ESPN and elsewhere run on and on about the minimal performance of Washington's offense (120 total yards). Enough already. These guys might illuminate rather than regurgitate easy numbers. They COULD point out that:

  • Washington, Chicago and Seattle are all 10-2 in the NFC.
  • Washington and Chicago were 5-1 in their division, while Seattle was 6-0.
  • the Redskins of the last five regular season games are far different than of the first twelve games. Then they could run the numbers to show how & why.
  • The Redskins are on a mission, having won its last six games. At some point, this ceases to be a fluke.
  • The Redskins don't need no offense, apparently. Mark Brunell throws for 41 yards and wins. Tiki Barber rushes for 41 yards and the Giants lose. The Bucs held the Redskins to 120 yards offense and lost. The Bucs offense out gained the Redskins by 153 yards and still lost. By themselves, stats don't mean anything.

Does Joe Gibbs have to win the Super Bowl again before someone credits his influence? Joe Gibbs is Born Again. So, while I say the following humorously, it is also very respectful. Gibbs speaks. God listens!

Props to Mike Ditka who, although he knocks the Skins offense, points out that defense wins playoff games.

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