Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gregg Williams, Redskins for life

Well, for three years anyway.

Just when I had this neat idea for an article on how the Redskins could keep assistant head coach Gregg Williams, the team announced that they extended his contract for three years. Williams was said be in high demand and you would have to pay the big bucks to keep him from looking at the Chiefs or Rams vacancy.

In a earlier post, I wrote that the defense was the heart and soul of the Redskins and of Williams role in maintaining high performance levels. Finding outstanding defensive coordinators has been the one thing the Redskins have done consistently well since Richie Pettibone, or even head coach George Allen when you consider his skills in defense. Joe Gibbs could probably move someone in the organization up to defensive coordinator. Better to maintain continuity. It hurt the Redskins to lose Marvin Lewis a defensive coordinator. It would have been better to make Lewis the head coach and Steve Spurrier the offensive coordinator. That combination would have used the strengths of each while accommodating Spurrier's true interest and would have kept Lewis on board.

Locking Williams in is along the same line. How might that conversation have gone? Oh, something like:
JOE GIBBS: You know Gregg, I'm not coaching forever. Two or three seasons for now, or when we win the Super Bowl (whichever comes first), I'm giving up my head coach slot and will just be team president.
GREGG WILLIAMS: Who replaces you as head coach?
JOE GIBBS: Daniel and I see you in that role.
GREGG WILLIAMS: I have an opportunity to coach one of the Missouri teams. Both are tailor made for me, strong offenses and in need of defensive leadership.
JOE GIBBS: That's good, but no guarantee of success. Look at how long it took Tony Dungy to make Tampa Bay and Indianapolis Super Bowl ready. You know what we have here!
GREGG WILLIAMS: How committed is Mr. Snyder to my eventually taking the head coach position?
JOE GIBBS: How about $8 Million for three years, does that answer your question?

Keeping Gregg Williams perhaps makes it more likely that Lavar Arrington will be released to make room for the salary cap. Unfortunate.

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