Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Redskins - Buccaneers Rematch

Former Redskin Tony McGee gave his thoughts on the Washington - Tampa Bay game on

"Looking ahead to the Tampa Bay game, the key to winning the game is to get pressure on Chris Simms. The reason that Tampa Bay was able to pass the ball so well last time was the lack of pass rush that the Redskins were able to generate. Chris Simms isn’t a great quarterback, much like Mike McMahon, but if you give him extra time he will beat the skins’. As far as Cadillac Williams goes, the key is to get him bottled up and not let him run well right from the start. If you let him start to run well, he will continue to run well. Having Sean Taylor in the lineup will make a difference for the Washington Redskins, as well. Joey Galloway is a receiver who prides himself on his toughness and likes to go across the middle. Sean Taylor is a guy that will make a receiver like that tentative, so Galloway might struggle a little bit more than he did in the last game. Offensively, Clinton Portis doesn’t need to have quite as good of a game as he did against Tampa Bay last time, but if he could get up around the century mark, it will allow Santana Moss to have less pressure on him. In addition, the last four or five games with Clinton Portis rushing so well, should loosen up the pass coverage and Tampa Bay will focus in on the run. Finally, I’m sure that the last game will weigh in on the Redskins minds, but they have to start with a clean slate and go into Tampa and play like they have the past five weeks."

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