Thursday, January 19, 2006

Joe Gibbs Fires Himself

Joe Gibbs continues to fascinate his fans. With all the buzz on the Redskins next likely move, Gibbs throws a curve ball (oops, sorry for the baseball analogy) by hiring Al Saunders as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. In effect, Gibbs promotes himself out of the role.

Three intriguing points:

  1. Daniel Snyder (mis)spent big dollars on players. Gibbs spends them on coaches. He locked in Gregg Williams with a three year $8 million contract and now Saunders for the same amount. The Redskins have two of the highest regarded assistant coaches in the league.
  2. Greg Williams is not a lock for the Redskins head coach position when Gibbs steps down, although it would be expensive to the franchise if he does not get it. Saunders was in the hunt for a head coaching position and will be again.
  3. Gibbs was said to be too old school for the game. He addressed the issue by hiring two bright offensive minds in Saunders and QB coach Bill Musgrave. Finding talent to compliment your own is the first mark of a confident executive.

Saunders is a coaching descendant of Gibbs and Don Coryell. His Kansas City offense has been a powerhouse for the last three seasons. With these coaching moves Gibbs establishes a succession plan for the day when he does step down as head coach. He is committed to rebuild the Redskins organization for sustained success.

There are no stars but the coaches!

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