Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gregg Williams, a bargain at twice the price

The Redskins signed assistant head coach & defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to a contract extention for $8 Million. The way the Redskins defense handled Tampa Bay today justified the team's action.

It was the defense that disrupted the Buccaneers' offense: four forced fumbles, one recovered; three sacks; two interceptions. Two of those turnovers gave the offense good field position so that they could score 14 points in the first quarter. It was the defense that converted one of the fumbles into the touchdown that was the ultimate margin of victory. It was the defense that held Cadillac Williams to 49 rushing yards to force the Bucs to pass (Chris Simms 198 yards, but no TD passes). And it was the defense that intercepted the ball in the last 53 seconds to seal the victory. The Skins move on solely because of the defense. THEY won the game!

The game surely rankles the Tampa Bay defense who gave a superlative effort. They restricted the Redskins to 120 yards offense, the lowest ever recorded by a winning team in a playoff game. They made to stops, but did not force as many turnovers. The best that can be said of the Redskins offense is that they managed not to lose the game.

Redskins - 17
Buccaneers - 10

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