Thursday, January 12, 2006

Super Bowls I'd Like To See

This is my list of Super Bowl pairings I would like to see. This is not a prediction of which teams will make it to the NFL championship. Some of those teams have already been eliminated. The list was selected purely for its TV marquee value.

  • Washington v New England - the attraction is a match-up of three-time Super Bowl coaches Joe Gibbs and Bill Belechick. Belechick would be going for his fourth Lombardi Cup in five years. Gibbs would be in his fifth Super Bowl with his fourth different quarterback/running back/kicker. If Gibbs wins, he would be the only man to win the Super Bowl in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Both are excellent coaches and the game would be well played and competitive, even though these are not the best two teams in their conferences.
  • Indianapolis v New York Giants - this is the match that TV would want most. It pairs Peyton Manning against little bro' Eli, not to mention it brings in the big New York TV market. Dad Archie Manning, who may never have appeared in the playoffs in his career, would be prominently featured. TV execs would eat this one up, but it would be a lopsided game in favor of the Colts.
  • Seattle v San Diego/Indianapolis - This would showcase the two best running backs in the game: Shaun Alexander against LaDainian Tomlinson. Late in the season, Tomlinson's performance dropped off and San Diego fell from playoff contention. Indianapolis is thrown in because of the Edgerrin James factor. Indianapolis did much better this when when they relied more on James and the running game and improved their defense. Seattle and Indianapolis is how the smart money thinks the playoffs end up. It would be the first Super Bowl appearance by any of these teams.
  • Washington v anybody - I'm a homer and this is my web site. This is the Super Bowl match I want most!

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