Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why the Redskins are like soap opera

You can skip a week and come back to find the same dialog as the last time.

I'm coming up for air after taking a week off and find the Washington Redskin conversation is pretty much the same as when I left. CP is laying low, thanks to knee tendinitis and foot-in-mouth. Michael Vick is still in deep doo-doo with allegations of dog fighting. Things are so slow in the Redskins doldrums that even Curly Ben is reduced to posting a Vick story or two.

Thankfully, the Redskins full team mini-camp begins in two weeks. That's a ripe opportunity to magnify the trivial to sharpen those writing skills for the season. Here's what you can expect: unknown rookie hopeful signed to a contract; another unknown rookie hopeful cut. Signing and cutting unknown rookie hopefuls signifies nothing since the Skins are auditioning as many of these guys as possible. Some may make it on the practice squad; one might make the team.

Covering The Redskins points out that coaches are concerned about injuries to unknown rookie hopefuls who won't make the team. Aside from the expense, coaches have gone through the drill. More than a few of them lost their own playing dreams to injury. I think they are sympathetic to the hopeful unknowns, even as they are about to cut their butts.

And the hopefuls? If they don't make it with Washington, they can try out for another team. Being cut early is no tragedy. Time is still on your side for this season. Being the last is the unkindest cut of all.

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