Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Off Topic: Welcome to the World of Warcraft

OK, people, I'm outta here for the weekend. Get your Michael Vick fix elsewhere. For Redskins updates, see the In The News box to your right, or the Redskins Blogroll to the lower right. Hogs Haven is usually up on the latest.

Feel free to waste your time with this short version of The World of Warcraft.

A Macromedia Flash based Warcraft TD game inspired by Element TD for WarcraftIII. (NOTE: To resize this game, please keep the same proportions or it will not appear correctly)

The aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the… (more) maze. To build click on the one you want to build on the right, then click on the map where you want it to be built. Once built you can click on them to upgrade or sell. To get a high score keep as much of your gold in the bank as possible, at the end of each round you earn interest on the gold in the bank. Special levels are where the creeps are none-normal, they include FAST [6, 13, 19, 26, 32] AIR [8, 17, 27] IMMUNE [10, 21, 32] BOSS [11, 22, 33] You get wood every 7 levels use wood to research upgrades.

Visit for more information.


Skin Patrol said...

Wonderful... this is going to kill much of my time.

Skin Patrol said...

By the way... I played that game yesterday and somehow burned half an hour without even noticing.