Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Redskins to rookies: come with experience

So far, the thing in common about the first three Washington Redskins signings after the rookie mini-camp is that hey have an NFL track record.

Derrick Blaylock

Zach Hilton

Adrian Madise

So, why did they call it "rookie camp?" Rooks may be signed, or may be on the radar screen for a future call. The Redskins are notorious for their preference for veterans, so these signings aren't a surprise, really.

Blaylock might make the team as the number three back. His task is to show that he's overcome whatever issue kept him out of the NFL in recent years.

The Post says the Redskins are thin at tight end. News to me. Hilton will compete for a blocking tight end role. Are the Redskins looking for an upgrade from a young, healthy TE? Will we see more two-wide, two tight-end, single back formations this season? Or, does Al Saunders have a man-crush on tight ends? (Oooh, that's bad. I did NOT mean that the way it came out.)

Almost anyone can challenge for Brandon Lloyd's slot at #2 wide receiver, but raise your hand if you think it's Madise. Does he return punts?


Skin Patrol said...

knock on Hilton is that he can't block, per http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/2003/draft/players/202.html his scouting report.

Maureen said...
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