Monday, May 07, 2007

Back soon

I'm pushed for time at the moment, so here's the link to Hogs Haven for today's Redskins updates. Haven is managed by Skin Patrol, the foremost Redskinologist around. Also check out the news scroll and blogroll to your right.

The Redskins invited 88 prospects to the rookie camp. Some weren't rookies. That's a big number. I suspect it's a larger group than for most other teams. I'm going to research that and write it up, even though is probably of interest only to me.

Chris Henry (no, not that Chris Henry), the rookie drafted by the Tennessee Titans, is posting on his NFL experience at He writes pretty well. Assuming his stuff isn't ghost-written for him, I think he has a future as a blogger.

One suggestion for him is change his name to distinguish himself from his notorious namesake. Christopher Henry, or Kit Henry, might do. His nickname is C-Hen, but that could still be confused for that other guy. Henry has the same problem as Anthony Gonzalez, who I already think of as Gonzo2.

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Skin Patrol said...

It sounds like more than we had last year, though I can hardly remember.