Wednesday, May 02, 2007


What's wrong with you people? Keyshawn Johnson was cut a day ago and there is not one good story or rumor that the Washington Redskins are going to sign him. Don't we have a reputation to live up to? Must I start all these rumors? carries stories that the Giants and Eagles are interested in Johnson. We have to keep up. Get on the stick people.

Even Johnson's agent, Jerome Stanley, failed to name drop "Daniel Snyder" to goose contract talks, although he did issue a statement that "several teams have expressed interest in Johnson and that he does have offers." He's blowing it for his client.

Personally, I hope 35 year old Johnson retires. His numbers are getting too close to Art Monk's career record. I would quit blogging if Me-Shawn gets voted into the Hall Of Fame as the epitome possession receiver before Art.

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