Friday, May 11, 2007

Off Topic: More on Michael Vick

Truth is, I don't care much of either of the Vick brothers. There was an undercurrent of stories about both of them from their Virginia Tech days. The tales hinted that they might not grow, on a personal basis, beyond their origins. Make that, not grow so fast beyond their origins. We're all human. We all grow, learn, adapt. We "get it" usually by age 40.

From a distance, these guys seem slow to get it. I could believe that they do dog fights, cock fights, fist fights, thumby wars, bull baiting, gladiatorial combat, Christian persecution and any other crass behavior now considered uncivilized.

Michael Vick might be getting an education now. He pledged to make changes in his life. Well, he sold the infamous house of [alleged] canine torture according to a report by the Daily Press of Newport News [VA]. Vick reportedly asked $350,000 for the property that was appraised at $747,000. That house will be flipped by this time next week. I wished he called me. I would have given him $375,000 for it.

This story breaks on the same day that News Service published a story that two of Vick's "friends" are convinced that he had an "affinity" for the dog fighting culture and was aware of the [alleged] dog fighting activity at the house. Friends?

A "friend" wouldn't rat out a friend and remain nameless. A friend wouldn't throw a friend under a bus so publicly. Those two guys are just "acquaintances."

This is Washington, DC. We know a thing or two about anonymous sources. At the White House, the "unnamed source" often turns out to be the vice president, who is saying something secretly that he won't say publicly. [That logic only makes sense in politics.] When the "unnamed source" speaks, Washingtonians know there is a hidden agenda.

So, what's the agenda of Vicks "friends?" I don't know, so I don't know how to evaluate their claim. Thus, I'm taking this story with a shaker of salt, while acknowledging that Ron Mexico could well be involved in a dog fight ring.

Live so that your friends can defend you but never have to. ~Arnold H. Glasow, Forbes magazine

When people speak ill of you, live so none will believe it. ~ Abigail Van Buren or Ann Landers, I forget which.


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