Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Redskin blogger rookies

I love it and hate it when a new blog featuring competent writing shows up. I welcome the addition to the ethereal conversation that is the blogosphere. And I hate the competition, too. It's not as if there is a dearth of outstanding Redskins writers around here (see the blogroll to the right).

I've come across two new blogs that cause me to nod my head in approval. Winning the Turnover Battle is brand new. Hank posted a reaction to the rumored Lance Briggs trade that's as good as anything I've read on Hogs Haven or The Curly R. I wished I wrote some of those things. I'm going to shamelessly borrow his logic. As Steve Jobs once said, "Good artists create. Great artists steal."

First there was DC Sports Blog. Then, DC Sports Chick. Get ready for DC Sports Kid, created by an 11 year old prodigy who follows DC area sports teams (not just the Redskins), and he does it quite well. All bloggers go on hiatus when real life intrudes. I've never read a better excuse than at DC Sports Kid, "There haven't been any new posts for a while because I was punished." Don't worry about it kid. It happens to us all, sooner or later. And then it happens again.

Budding sports writer, that kid.

As your bonus, Ted Leonsis has a blog, cleverly named Ted's Take. He received a mass mailer offering premium seats to Redskins games and wonders why, if the Redskins are sold out, are they doing mass mailings? For anyone else, that would be idle curiosity. I'm sure Ted's taking notes.

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