Saturday, June 09, 2007

Redskins: News bits for the weekend

Rick Snider at the Washington Examiner says Shawn Springs was smart to wait until after the June 1 salary cap deadline to report for the Washington Redskins OTAs. That was assurance that the Skins weren't going to cut him.

"Shawn Springs is not the bad guy. Don’t let the backroom whispers, sports talk hacks and second-guessing bloggers fool you. The Washington Redskins cornerback knows after a decade in the NFL that it’s a business and wasn’t letting the team mislead him like they have so many others over the years."

Snider calls it an astute veteran move for dealing with the business side of the game.

Robert Dinsmore of Harrisonburg, PA, wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily News Record where he described himself as a lifelong Redskins fan would no longer watch the team "until management has imposed significant punishment on Portis and Samuels." Outrage at Clinton Portis statement is understandable. Refusing to watch the team because some of their employees expressed their personal opinion -- which both Samuels and Portis have since disavowed -- is too much.

This is America. You get to express your opinion. It's certainly Mr. Dinsmore's prerogative to withhold his support, but I call him out as a "lifelong Redskin fan." True lifelong fans would not go that far. If they do, then good riddance.

My deepest sympathies to the family of nutritionist Ann Litt and and to the Washington Redskins organization on her passing. May God bless.

Photo: Jonathan Newton, Washington Post

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Kate said...

Amen indeed. Lifelong is sticking through the THICK and the thin.