Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Portis: I didn't know . . . .

ExtremeSkins points to a blog entry by LaCanfora at RedskinsInsider Clinton Speaks (And Does Not Insert Foot In Mouth).

CP says he's been reading the letters and pamphlets that came his way after his notorious comments about Michael Vick and dog fighting. That's when he began to understand the issue and why so many people were offended by his comments.

"When I made those comments I didn't understand the seriousness behind it."

JLC says more is coming on this and I hope so. The snippet in the Insider piece doesn't make clear whether CP reached a new understanding on the harm of dog fighting, or a new appreciation of that there are animal lovers who would be offended. Response from the ExtremeSkins readership is mixed, with a sizable group suspecting he's sorry that people were offended, and an equal-sized group wishing he just kept his mouth shut so the issue would go away.

Know what? The best way for our boy to "get it" is for someone to give him a puppy to care for.

GOOD to have LaCanfora back and writing football. In his other post, Marcus Washington went in full practice, and team nutritionist Ann Litt passed away unexpectedly.

My compliments to Skin Patrol at Hogs Haven for for his thoughtful examination of player sanctions comparing Chicago's Tank Johnson, suspended eight games for gun convictions, to Pacman Jones, suspended for the season with no convictions. Twice I caught myself saying "wished I wrote that."

Photo: www.wtopnews.com