Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pacman Jones and the Catholic thought

OK, Pacman is again on the periphery of an incident that draws the attention of the authorities. I won't go into details. You can read the latest here.

That he's in another of of these scrapes calls into question his sincerity to reform, or his judgement, or both.

“Last week, I asked for an opportunity to meet privately with commissioner Goodell. I met with him earlier today to tell him about the steps I have taken to change my life since being suspended by the NFL. I accept the discipline that’s been imposed on me and I am withdrawing my appeal.” ~ Adam "Pacman" Jones (emphasis mine)

Has no one told him about the occasions of sin? As a youngster, the good Sisters of Notre Dame drilled lessons about sin, and how to avoid them, into my intimidated classmates and me. One of the Catholic concepts was "the occasion of sin." I vaguely recall that as people, places or things that might tempt us to do bad stuff. An entrapment, in other words. Mankind (it's always men, isn't it), by our human nature and free will, are predisposed to indulge ourselves, and we are more likely to indulge ourselves wrongly while in the occasions of sin. As an adult, I learned to simplify "occasion" to the "wrong places, the wrong people and the wrong things" - like the Internet on occasion.

Pacman hasn't learned to avoid the occasions of sin. For him, occasions seem to be strip clubs, and the crew he runs with. It's possible he's addicted to strip clubs (I'm only saying it's possible). If that's the case, breaking the habit entails more than best intent. Addictions are a beast.

Jones has a decision to make: his boys, the clubs, and the occasions of sin, or his million dollar football career. He can't have both at once.

He should have gone to Catholic schools.


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