Sunday, June 17, 2007

On guard

Today's Post carries the story that OG Will Whitticker is making an impression during mini-camp. He's been filling in for Randy Thomas at right guard while Thomas recuperates from knee surgery. Whitticker doesn't figure to displace Thomas as starter on the right side, but over on the left . . . .

Todd Wade impressed at tackle last season as back-up to Jon Jansen. Coach Gibbs re-signed him, figuring he would replace departed left guard Derrick Dockery. Wade, at 6-8, is out-sized for guard and the transition from tackle to guard is not trivial. I've been thinking that OG Mike Pucillo has an even shot at the position. Last year, Pucillo often entered games as a "tackle eligible" for extra blocking on six-man fronts. Now, Whitticker, a natural guard with veteran experience, is raising eyebrows during mini-camp.

I expect the best man to win the slot, but I hope Whitticker -- who played for my alma mater -- makes the team. You can't have too many good linemen. Fifty-one percent of the success or failure of an offensive play is on the line.

The Redskins released a state of condolence to the family of former player Justin Skaggs, who passed away last Friday as a result of a brain tumor.


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