Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This 'n' That

Green Unhinged

That's in contrast to coach-in-chief's Gibbs typical reaction to adversity. Gibbs speaks of the "we." Green didn't point fingers, but is clearly frustrated. I know Gibbs has a temper. It's a behind-closed-doors kind of thing.

Green's rant compares to John L. Smith's reaction to a coaching screw-up in the 2005 Michigan State Ohio State game.

Rogers All Thumbs
The Redskins announced that second year cornerback Carlos Rogers will miss the Colts game as a result of his thumb surgery. I'm trying to decide if that's bad news or good. Yes, I know that's mean.

Who's the Terrorist?
As if the Redskins recent play hasn't terrorized me enough, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning of a possible attack at seven NFL stadiums this Sunday. The report mentioned New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland and Cleveland. The department hastened to say that they were skeptical abou the report.

Skins Seek Player for the Ground Game
The Washington Redskins have a job opening on their facilities/ground crew. The individual hired will maintain the grounds at Redskins Park. The Redskins denied a rumor that TJ Duckett was a member of any ground crew on the team.

Redskins Offensive Genius
The extrapoints blog takes note that the Newseum museum in Washington distributed to journalism students a Washington Post front page story about the Redskins' last offensive genius. The story described a dazzling offense that put up 300+ yards and 31 points in an opening day win. When do we develop healthy skepticism around here? Busted! I drank the Kool-ade, too.

Football is Life
Dan Reeves' article in USA Today describes lessons in life learned from football.


dan.oshinsky said...

thanks for the link, guys. remember the days when danny snyder was talking about how spurrier was his dream coach? i guess we were all young and naive once..

Master4Caster said...

... and maybe still are!