Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hang in there Redskins

The general gloom in the atmosphere is understandable. It must be purged; flushed, sent packing. Yes, it's a realistic view of where the Redskins stand, but hardly means the season is lost.

Here's the definition of "it's over:" when the team is farther back of the division leader than there are games left, it's over. The Skins are three back with nine games to go. The Eagles and Giants have yet to play the Titans. Anything can happen.

Sports psychologists say winners must only see themselves achieving their goal, whatever the obstacle. You aren't what you were. You are what you want to be. Blow that last game? That wasn't the real you. Next time you will get it right because you are the best performer on the field. That's what the Redskins have to tell themselves now.

In sports, maybe in life, as soon as you focus on what you are not, that's what you become.

Ninety percent of this game is half-mental. ~Yogi Berra

Yeah, it's baseball, but it fits.

As for disappointments at the bye, head over to the Redskins page at RealFootball 365. For another take, see John Keim's "What's the problem?" at the Washington Examiner.

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