Sunday, October 08, 2006

Coach said what?

The verbal howitzers lobbed by Dale Lindsey and LaVar Arrington this week were real doosies.

Said Lindsey when asked if the Giants had an advantage with what Arrington knew of the Redskins' defense, "He didn't know the playbook when he was here!"

LaVar's comeback was that he had the playbook and gave it to the Giants coaches. That drew a Lindsey comment that "if he (LaVar) has a playbook, I guarantee he's never opened it."

Don't know about you, but I'm not used to seeing coaches put down former players. Usually, it's a player who create bulletin board material. When coaches do it, it's like a boss who puts down a former employee and Lindsey looks small for doing so. Maybe the needling even after LaVar is gone explains why #56's grudge is so personal. The player he is is not the player he was, but an aroused Arrington isn't anyone I'd like to face.

Unless they are trying to goad him into foolish mistakes!

Just can't wait to read that the Skins have deactivated TJ Duckett again!

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