Sunday, October 15, 2006

AFC Respite

The Redskins can't seem to beat NFC East teams, so it's back to the AFC for a little relief. They weren't so good against the "Giants" last Sunday, but should find a way to beat the "Titans" today (giants, titans, get it?). Both the team and a lot of Redskins bloggers, including me, were mysteriously quiet after the Meadowlands spanking. There was little one could say. The Titans are a team they can beat and a game that they need. The Redskins should not overlook Tennessee.

The Redskins Report has a quick & dirty preview of the game.
The Curly R does its clever five question exchange with a Titans blogger.
Hog Heaven has an extensive scouting report on the Titans prepared by a local fan.

The Post's Jason LaCanforia wrote last Tuesday that TJ Duckett is being a team player despite his lack of playing time. AS an MSU alum, I looked forward to seeing TJ in a Redskins uniform and am getting bitterly disappointed at not seeing him. At mid-year, I'm going to take a second look at The Duckett Conspiracy that I posted last August.

When things looked dim last season, the players came together and vowed "five in a row, or we don't go." Their determination energized their efforts and inspired their fans well into this year. The team is dangerously close to "ten in a row" country. I would like to see the team get back to basics and get off this silly fixation with Al Saunders' exotic schemes. I don't mean to abandon it; but let's get back to what this team is really good at - running the ball!

Running plays are the most aggressive in football, because the offensive line fires out and dictates to the defense. Our healthy offensive line does that quite well. On passing plays, the O-line is passive (why do you think it's called "passing plays?"). The O-line is on it's heals. They're backing up and reactive to the defense. Fifty-one percent of the breakdown in passing plays is on the O-line.

It's apparent that the new scheme is not the drop-in tweak that was described. It's a major adjustment. It's going to take time to perfect, eight or nine games, maybe. So let's not get overly dependent on it, or disappointed in it. But, lets definitely get back to real football. Run the ball, win the game.

The Skins can still win 11 games if the offense can average 18+ points per game. After five games, the average is 19.2, but there is a wide range between the high and low score. They have to get a consistent average.

What's with the defense's inability to make stops?

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