Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Owners of the NFC

Passing the time waiting for the start of Redskins training camp, I came across this post on the Atlanta Falcons message board. It picks up a Scout.com story assessing National Football Conference owners, with a focus on front office personnel decision-makers. The full read is interesting (to me), but here are the snips on Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones.

"Owner Daniel Snyder has the final say on every personnel matter, and even though many don't like his style, it's hard not to be impressed with his commitment to turning his franchise around. He doesn't have a great football background in terms of watching film and evaluating players, so he leans on Vinny Cerrato, the vice president of football operations, who often speaks for Snyder and the organization. However, Cerrato's relationship with coach Joe Gibbs and the coaching staff is in question. Don't be surprised if Gibbs tries to take a more active role in personnel decisions, and that could lead to some clashes. The Redskins have a solid scouting staff, but they are only information gatherers and have not had a lot to do on draft day because of numerous trades involving draft picks.

"Owner, president and GM Jerry Jones is more involved in personnel matters than any other owner in the NFL. He attends all-star games and the combine, he watches film and he is directly involved in every player acquisition. In the past, he respected then coach Bill Parcells' opinion on the type of player Parcells wanted, and they seemed to have a good working relationship. It will be interesting to see whether new coach Wade Phillips has the same kind of influence on Jones. The scouts are information gatherers. Although they have a voice, they are not decision makers. CEO and executive vice president Stephen Jones handles the salary cap and player negotiations."

The rest of the article is a good read. Go see it here.

Hmmm. I should do a feature on cheerleaders of the NFC East.

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