Friday, July 27, 2007

Another blow for Vick

I'm trying to imagine what Michael Vick is going through now (doing for him than he allegedly did not do for his dogs. But then, they're just dogs.) One day you are on top of the world with a $100 million income stream. Next day, your secret life comes out and you lose everything in the blink of an eye. This is when you find Jesus. Someone asked Mother Theresa why there was suffering in the world. Her reply, "so you can share the suffering of Jesus Christ" (stay with me folks). I didn't understand that answer. Then, when facing my own troubles (nothing like Vick's), I found that people tend to pray more, pray harder with more sincerity than when things are going good. You get a Divine reminder that you don't really control your life, usually just when you think you do.

I'm sure Michael's praying now, and those prayers are going to be answered; but he's going to walk the Via Dolorosa first. And just maybe come out of this a better man.

An AP story in USA Today says Vick's legal team faced a daunting P.R. challenge. No kidding. The story named Michael Vick's legal team and it included James "Butch" Williams of Durham, North Carolina. Williams' web site profile describes his expertise as contract negotiations and legal advice for athletes. His clients include Alge Crumpler (Falcons), Greg Ellis (Cowboys) and Rasheed Wallace (Pistons). Oh yeah, he represented the captain of the Duke LaCrosse Team, so he knows a thing or two about daunting p.r. challenges. Williams will likely face-off with the NFL on Ookie's behalf.

Lawrence H. Woodward Jr. and Thomas B. Shuttleworth II, both of Virginia Beach law firm SHUTTLEWORTH, RULOFF, SWAIN, HADDAD & MORECOCK, P.C. round out the team. Woodward and Shuttleworth will have local knowledge with the District Court. Vick better hope there is no "I" in this team.

Meanwhile, Tony "T" Taylor, one of Vick's co-defendants, will return to U.S. District Court Monday for a plea hearing. That didn't take long. A plea bargain in return for what?

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