Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Michael Vick is worried - II

Michael Vick draws a "no-nonsense" judge, according to Jeremy Redmon's story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
"RICHMOND, Va - The judge assigned to preside over Michael Vick's sensational dog-fighting case is a tough jurist who has a history of exceeding federal sentencing guidelines to make a point, criminal defense attorneys here said today."

The story describes Judge Henry E. Hudson as a highly respected jurist "who affords everyone equal respect." However, on sentencing, Judge Hudson, a former prosecutor, considers the impact of the crime on the community. Hmmm. In a Surry County court, Mike could come off as the local boy made good. In the federal court, before this judge, Mike's celebrity could work against him.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Well, Ookie, if you didn't do this thing, and the dog fighting was done by your low-life relatives like you said, who surprisingly are not listed in the indictment, then remember ILLEGITIMUS NON CARBORUNDUM. If you really are guilty, cop a plea now, Dawg, and take whatever you can get.

We already know that the biggest news in football this Thursday won't be the opening of training camps. It will be Ookie Vick's court appearance. Ookie, shave and wear a suit. Smile to the people and the cameras. No, I'm serious. SMILE when the cameras are on you. Start winning people back to your side. You are in danger of becoming this year's T.O.

Photo: Rogelio Solis / AP file


Skin Patrol said...

You think he should play?

Skin Patrol said...

I only ask because, based off the kind of trouble it looks like he's in, I think his best move is to sit out the season until this is all sorted out.

Master4Caster said...

Sorry, SP. I was away. I think he would see playing as the chance to take his mind off his troubles. At this point his lawyer is doing all the talking. He has to worry about his co-defendents ratting him out and his income will be interrupted.

I read that he is a humbler player reporting to the Falcons facility almost every day and paying attention to the coaches. Before, he thought there was nothing a coach could teach him. Plus, Atlanta is where he will get the most sympathetic fan support and his team mates will watch his back, because that's what team mates do. From his viewpoint, training camp is exactly where he wants to be.