Saturday, April 29, 2006

Redskins Select Rocky McIntosh

In a move that surprises no one, the Redskins fill a defensive hole with outside linebacker Roger "Rocky" McIntosh of the "U."

The Skins were sitting at the 53rd pick of the draft, but traded up in a deal with the NY Jets to the 35th pick. So Rocky comes at the cost of our original second round pick, plus this year's fifth round and next year's second round pick. Is McIntosh that good? Or, did a run on ACC defenders drive the Skins to move up in the draft to get one of the names on their list before the talent pool dried up?

The Skins appear to have gone completely away from the draft as a way to build a team. So what are the football minds at Redskins Park saying? That the next few college classes have no class!

"The future is now." -- George Allen

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