Monday, April 03, 2006

NCAA: The Women

Speaking of the NCAA, Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins slams the grand poobahs of women's basketball for leadership inadequacy. The athleticism of women's basket ball has gone way up, but the NCAA tournament selection committee has no background in the sport and it shows, she says. In comparison, the men's selection committee is made up of those who played or coached the sport. With that knowledge, they put together a fabulous tournament and are expert at marketing the game. Poor leadership and uneven officiating frustrates the coaches and hinders fan acceptance of the distaff game, according to Jenkins. She suggests that the NCAA clean house and get a group with the hands on experience and moxie to equal to the product.

A sportswriter named Greg Wyshynski wrote in his Sports Central blog that the media gives the women's tournament more coverage than justified by fan interest. He calls it media guilt.

The same article, "Dirty Little Secrets of the NCAA," boldly asserts that George Mason's mens team did not deserve a tournament slot. More accurately, he says that Mason's performance shows that Hofstra (26-7), who twice beat George Mason, was more worthy of an at-large bid than Air Force or some other selectees. I'm glad he didn't take a shot at the Big Ten. (Hide in shame, Big Ten)

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